The Beyond Awkward Workshop

This 90 minute workshop will help you embrace a relationaly bold approach to talking about Jesus. Most people are stuck in fear - let me help you move beyond that into breakthrough.

  • Discuss Acts 8 and the process of conversion
  • Determine your friend's curiosity pulse
  • Discover 5 spiritual conversation principles

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What People Are Saying

Beau will have you running out the door wanting to have as many conversations about God as possible with his full arsenal of intentional tactics & approaches.

Travis Lutz |

Consultant, Los Angeles

Beau’s fearless approach to evangelism, coupled with an almost step –by-step approach for the “beginner”, was an inspiration to those who have not found comfort in being “out” with their beliefs and faith in Jesus Christ.

Keith Richardson |

Businessman, Minneapolis 

I have no evangelistic gift and did not have much hope I could lead someone to Christ. But Beau Crosetto's book is a game changer. He explains step by step how to overcome your own reservation.

Julian Kaiser |

Pastor, Germany

Beau is not only a practicing evangelist, but a true activator of ordinary Christians in our holy mission. If you are looking for a guide and encourager, an equipper and provoker, Beau is your guy.

Dan Weyerhauser |

Pastor, Chicago

Beau's training is the best I've seen in this area of mission and evangelism. He's engaging and clear! I implemented some of his points that same day and had great success. Im planning on having him train at our church on a regular basis!

Emanuel Sanchez |

Pastor, San Diego

Beyond awkward was beyond AMAZING. This book came in the knick of time with me starting work and gaining confidence in order to share the gospel with my clients.

Serena Tillman |

Social Worker, New York

Beau's sharp and insightful, and teaches with a conviction that's born from his study of scripture but also a practicality that is tested through experience. He's great at helping your community take the next steps to have the kinds of conversations that will matter.

James Choung |

National Evangelism Director - InterVarsity

Beau talks to me about Jesus in a way that in the back of your mind - when you are ready to give your soul to Jesus - you know he is there. He doesn't push me like other "evangelists" I have encountered. All those guys leave me feeling like I want to kick their a**!

Ben |

Beau's Neighbor

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and move beyond the awkward!



The workshop is 90 minutes long at its base level. I offer the traininng in two, three and six hour formats as well. This is highly customizable to the group and setting you desire. The six hour format is a day long evangelism workshop with a meal included.

The three most common ways churches are using me are as follows: (1) 90-180min training on Saturday morning (2) Preaching Sunday services and then hosting a 90min workshop over lunch (3) 180min workshop on Saturday and then evangelistic preaching on Sunday morning where people from the workshop bring unchurched or curious friends to worship. (I am also more than willing to work out other options that would fit your context best).


One of my favorite things about this workshop is that it is scalable. I have offerend this workshop in a home group of ten and also at conferneces where five hundred attended. This works well with any group size and it is highly interactive.


You can choose one of two ways to compensate this workshop:

1) Pay a flat rate of $2,000 (per weekend). Up to three days of training plus preaching Sunday morning if wanted. 

2) Pay a flat rate of $1,000 (per day). Local trainings only during the school year. Anywhere between June - September.
3) Adopt me as a missionary. Allow me to share about the mission I lead to reach college students on the 38 campuses of Louisiana. I work with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship as an evangelist and I am 100% supported by individuals and churches. I would ask you to make a financial ask for tax deductable support on behalf of our mission If this is the route you want to go, we can discuss further what this looks like as well as expectations.